Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Keeping Your Word

What is it about resolutions that make it so hard to keep? What does that say about your character? Think about a time you made a promise and didn’t keep it. What was the impact? Just like promises, decisions are made to be kept and not go astray. 

As a leader it’s crucial to stick to your decision and minimize evasive maneuvers made on a daily basis. This demonstrates credibility and strength by sticking to original decisions. It also shows that you know where you’re going and why. It lets your team know they have a confident leader clearing that path for them. 

And on an individual level, one needs to stand their ground. “Speed of Trust”opens up with the importance of being true to yourself. The moment you start betraying yourself, your world around you changes. Granted, we’re humans, and we’re not expected to be picture perfect each day but staying real with truthful behaviors is what differentiates most leaders today. 

Some will abuse their position and make multiple unnecessary decisions just for the sake of it. They will betray themselves and their teams in the actions they choose. Leadership is earned. It is unfortunate how easily people can start turning away based commitments that were never followed through on. 

Start small. Don't make big promises to yourself. This will make the commitments manageable and easy to over deliver on, if that opportunity presents itself. Trust is spoken about constantly. Well, there's a reason for it. 

Trusted relationships bring results. Be careful with your words. It can be devastating to your career, your team and yourself if they are not carried out on. 

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