Saturday, October 13, 2012

"For Your Improvement"

For Your Improvement
Michael M. Lombardo Rober W. Eichinger

The intent is to help leaders (or individual contributors) with improving key  behaviors that may be affecting their performance. Each section is broken down by “unskilled, skilled, overused skill” with referenced behaviors to improve the unskilled and overused skill. Then on the next page they guide you on what is needed to improve in this behavior (“The Map”) and some suggested support remedies. Quotes are in every section as well as suggested reading.

My Strategy to reading FYI:

Start from behavior number one. If it doesn't apply, move to 2. If it applies, mark the referenced numbers with sticky notes for improving unskilled or the overused skills. Then ready behavior number one and make notes as necessary. Then move to the sticky notes that you have marked off. This way you can start improving your weaknesses without having to have gone through the entire book. If one of the behaviors you marked with a sticky note doesn't apply, remove the sticky note and go to the next section. Remember, take what applies and leave the rest. 

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