Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Voyage Home

"I know you have emotions even though you secretly want to be a Vulcan. ;-) you can't hide... you already let me in once :-D " ~ Sir David Romer

David Romer, 48, lost his battle to cancer on May 17, 2013. He was a trooper these last 8 weeks or so fighting it. And as much of a fighter as he was, he continued to stay strong for me until the very end.

As I only knew David for three years since I started at Medtronic, I got to know him a little bit more this past year. He was my mentor, my shoulder, and my co-worker who kept me grounded when I felt like flying. But he also treated me like the little princess he knew I was-which I didn't fully realize until the end.

I was and still am a new young supervisor with the world ahead of me. And he gave me guiding words to help me be the VP I aim to be.
These are three things I'll always remember:

1) Take care of the team: he loved and respected his team. He was focused on their success and well being before his own. This kept them happy, appreciated and empowered which in turn drove great results to the business.

2) Find your Bright Spot: there's always at least one a day and if you find it, it'll make you a stronger & happier person.

3) Always end on a high note: if you're having a great day working a project that's going successful, don't work on something that's going to bring you down. Save that for the next day. It'll keep you coming back when you can end on the high note.

My bright spot was getting to see his smiley face. I visited him a few times at home these last couple of months and he protected me. He stayed strong and passed down his words of wisdom, to keep me going. That shows his character - especially when he had cancer cells eating him away inside. It's hard to know he's passed but it's a relief to know he's not suffering anymore.

David will truly be missed by many.

In his honor, I will be going to see Star Trek: Into The Darkness at Tempe Marketplace Sunday May 19 at 1:20pm. If you plan on seeing this movie in his honor, please RT or post a comment.

May he now rest peace and "live long and prosper" in his new life.

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