Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Create Your 2014

Another year has passed us by. 

Five year old little boy becomes a superhero for a day when San Francisco turns into Gotham City courtesy of Make-A-Wish; Albert Einstein school of medicine in New York gets one step closer to a cure for HIV and the minions stole our hearts yet again being the top third grossing film of the year in Despicable Me 2. 

For Medtronic, we had the privilege of working on and releasing two new devices. One being an injectable heart monitor that will allow doctors to monitor potential pacemaker candidates without invasive surgery ( Reveal LinQ.) 
But 2013 had its challenges as well. Loved ones passed from health reasons or Boston marathon attack or massive tornados in Oklahoma City. We dealt with the government shutdown and more recently a credit card security breach at Target during the holidays. 

So the clock strikes midnight; the ball drops in Times Square and we wonder what the new year has in store for us. We're hoping it'll get better. How about we tell the new year how it's going to be? This time last year I was a semester away from finishing my masters and hopeful of a role change. It happened. It happened because I worked for it. I spent my weekends in the library. I spent my one-on-ones with my manager discussing my next step and reviewing deliverables to get me there. 

Why not take a few minutes and map out your year?

First, write out the key highlights and challenges of 2013. We gain motivation from the achievements and happy moments. And there are numerous lessons  in our not so bright times that we can learn from. 

Next, write out your 2015 self. On January 1, 2015: who do you look like? What role do you carry? What certificate or degree do you now hold? By setting key goals, you're able to now create the future. It won't go as planned of course but with the objectives down on paper, you'll be closer to your end result than your current self. 

Finally, map out your steps. Seek help. Find a mentor or call that friend who you never liked to seek advice from but always tried. Creating your roadmap gives you a clear picture of the path and the speed bumps you may encounter. 

Of course we cannot control how the house votes or what natural disasters stir up but let's own what we can control. 

Laugh at the obstacles and you'll walk right over them.

Be kind to others and you'll never feel alone. 

Keep your head up and you'll reach the trophy. 

Don't just say it'll be different but take action to make it happen. Remember- it's only 365 days. We can do this. 

Happy new year. 

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