Sunday, January 4, 2015

Light Up The New Year

A full moon. A new year. 

I walked outside tonight to get a breath of fresh air. About to turn on my back porch light, I noticed the sitting area already lit up from the glow of the moon. Of all the darkness around, the full moon lit up my back yard. 

Anxious to return to work, I was reminded that there's always light in my path. Our organization had a two week shutdown for the holidays. I had plans to meet up with old friends and drive the pacific coast highway with new ones. But none of that happened. Instead, my great aunt passed away and I spent about a week with family. 

Although I don't feel rested or ready to go back in themorning, I realized we need to keep going. Some people think the new year is a fresh start. Since "life is a highway" as some singers preach, the break was a pit stop and it's time to get back on and keep driving. 

The Past 

The break, especially with our recent loss, brought memories of my father, whom I lost when I was only eight. He was an Mechanical and Aerospace engineer who worked on military defense systems. I admired him greatly to go into engineering but decided the health sector was how I'd save people. 

Reflecting on 2014, I was reminded how hard work does pay off since I was recently promoted to a Senior Engineer for new product introduction. My father spent years working hard to provide for his family and I'm proud to be his daughter; trying do to the same. 

I can't say I achieved all of my goals this past year but I do know what I have accomplished will set me up for even greater successes.

The Present 

As a control freak, I wanted to do it all this break: meet up with old friends, go to California, attend Zumba dancing at least three times a week and work on some projects to get me set up for the new year. Instead, I watched movies every day and spent some time with my family. 

And believe it or not: it served me well. I learned how to stop and appreciate my surroundings. Like on Christmas, it was just my immediate family but one day I may be in a different state or country and would have to spend the day alone. I was fortunate to be awaken (before my alarm clock) by my nephew eager to open presents. As we were doing so, I was reminded of a few close friends:

A father needing to wait until the afternoon for his turn at opening presents with his children; 

A sister opting out on going home to avoid the emotional burden; 

A daughter who rushed home five days before Christmas to enjoy as many moments as possible and; 

A widow having to carry her three children alone wondering what will happen now since her husband was taken by cancer not even a week before. 

The Future 

What each of these individuals taught me is how our circumstances can change at any moment. We can still set the pace and shape of our future but need to be flexible. If a road is closed on our highway of life, we need be okay with taking detours and be resilient enough to keep moving. 

I refused to set resolutions but started making minor changes in my day to day activities. Habits are formed from repetition and minor changes get us closer to new ways of living. 

Inspired by a Christmas Carol, you may say I've been visited by three ghosts. However, it was stopping that made me alert of my surroundings in the past, future and most importantly present. 

The full moon tonight was another reminder how darkness always loses against light. With resiliency and a positive outlook, my path will always be lit up. Finishing up this post, I actually am ready for my alarm to go off in the morning. 

May your 2015 be as bright or brighter as tonight's full moon. 

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