Sunday, August 5, 2012

Empathetic Leasership

"Some fates are worse than death" great

Leadership lesson on being empathetic and what it can mean for your mission, strategies. And alignment of teams.

"I feel that you have to be with your employees through all their difficulties, that you have to be interested in them personally..." herb kelleher, chairman, southwest airlines.

In reading the Intent chapter in Speed of Trust, I was able to reflect that I may think I'm doing the right thing but I'm not. My intentions are sometimes wrong and that can be deadly as a leader or any individual contributed but especially a leader. As a young supervisor, some have the perception that I'm this college know it all and the perception is becoming a reality. I answer questions and provide solutions as I know everything. But I don't. The knowledge worker knows their process best. So to ensure I am giving off the right vibe that I want someone to succeed and develop through process improvement (for example) I need to start putting the ownership back in their hands.

Intention is everything and it starts with putting yourself in their shoes. Then ensuring that whatever actions taken will be in everyone's best interested.

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