Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Staying Afloat

Today I had a rough day of strength training and then challenged myself to a Pilates video I found on Netflix. I couldn't move for hours and my back was more than sore. I kept with my productiveness by taking my mom to her doctor appointment then treating her to a manicure pedicure and then dinner. She thanked me and I said - might as well take advantage of this moment while I'm still single. I got home and the pool was calling my name. Not only did I do laps back and forth but wanted to try some of the Pilates' moves in the pool. I then tried balancing myself to get to float a certain way when it hit me - when you do too much, you'll sink. The key to focusing and success is finishing what you started or doing value added tasks that link you to a goal, so you feel accomplished. Not only did I try just floating on top of the water, but I wanted to try leg exercises and extend my arms but I couldn't for the life of me stay on top of the water.
When looking back over the years, I had a tendency to be overconfident. Thinking I could conquer the world. "Overachiever," they would murmur under their breath and now I'll be lucky to achieve at least one of my goals. I'm taking a minute to write this as a lesson that when we stop to exercise, our mind clears up to the craziness of work and school and family. But it provides clarity to realize the important things and ask ourselves "am I doing the right the thing? Am I happy? Do I feel satisfied and successful today?" So I am just re-iterating the fact that exercise is good for the mind as it is for the body. For me, it helps me leave my body to reflect on some of my inner weaknesses while building on the muscular strengths.

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