Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Just Noise

Sometimes you need to ignore the signs. They could just be noise to the direction you're really supposed to go in. It dawned on me how sometimes we try to piece together all the signs that seem to fall into our laps. But in actuality they can sweep you off your feet in a negative way.

 I remember the time I was in a stand up one on one with my manager to provide a project update. We were discussing the barriers I thought I had (different story) when suddenly a Post-It flip chart sheet started peeling off the wall. I stopped mid-sentence to try to catch it and he said 'no.' Confused I turned back to him, slowly eyeing the paper when he continued "wow- it's really bothering you that you can't fix it" and then it fell completely to the ground. "it's just noise. It has nothing to do with our conversation or anything else I can think of yet you had the urge to fix it." it's just noise- I try to remind myself of that moment and statement constantly.

 Everyday we get caught up in so many activities that aren't related to our end goal. They end up being the tasks that drain us. Frustration. Exhaustion. Dissatisfaction. Feelings that arise from not being accomplished. And I was taught that we lose that feeling of accomplishment when we don't finish the plans or projects that we start. To keep this short, noise can be deadly. It can fool us and quickly pull us off the tracks. 

So remember, don't go and try to save every poster that starts to peel off the wall. Put that time and energy in the next value added item on your list to reach your goal.

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