Sunday, July 8, 2012

Devotion = Satisfaction

If you can sit back and reflect at the end of the day what it was that satisfied your needs, how often would the answer include fulfilling someone else's needs? Being an industrial engineer, quality used to mean being statistically within control but that isn't good enough when you're in the medical industry. Quality now means delivering the best functioning ICDs, pacemakers or any other medical device for our patients. 

When the human element is added into the equation, it changes the perspective at which you function and execute to your day to day activities. I've matured in the last two years by being more self-less and asking questions like "what's best for you." And then doing whatever it took to get as close to their desires as possible. The most rewarding part is how even though I may not have full-filled his or her need, the gesture and efforts put into trying is sometimes just as good. 

Last week one of my direct reports forgot to fill in her time card. The old/immature me would've grumbled about how it's a simple task and they should've done it. But that day I had more information. I knew something major and more critical things were floating through her mind. So I spent the extra minute and filled it out for her so she would receive a whole paycheck the following week.

Lesson learned: Instead of gripping on why something wasn't done, I stop and observe the situation. Could this person be going through something outside of work that is more pressing than a simple task? What's the impact that this task wasn't done and should I be worried that she missed it? Is it a trending delinquent item? If the answer is no, than move on. 

Devotion to me is ensuring Quality is met. Being committed is not only to achieve the Quality I defined above but being accountable and personally affected if it isn't met.

So at the end of the day if i feel satisfied, it can only mean I was committed to meeting my Quality mission for our patients. I am fortunate to have had my eyes open to understanding what the bigger picture looks like and the overall impact to being satisfied or dissatisfied at the end of the day. I am still learning and growing but feel as if i'm on an upward slope. 

The best part of my day today was reviewing my team members success and recognizing them for their accomplishments. I had a smile on my face when I reviewed goals met by my direct reports - because I can feel their devotion and commitment to Quality and that's what satisfaction has become to me.

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