Monday, January 21, 2013

Inspiration In True Form

Inspiring someone can be difficult if you over think it. Today it dawned on me how easily one can be inspired just by their character, their behavior and especially their actions.

At the end of my grocery run, as luck would have it I chose the lane with the lady who couldn't write a check. I stood there for maybe ten minutes while the clerks figured out what this lady was doing wrong that caused the system to 'crash.'. When it was my turn the clerk apologized three times. The first I was still loading my items on the conveyor. I gave her a quick smirk. The second, I stood near the bagger staring at the screen, waiting to see how much I owed. I nodded my head. The third was when I went to swipe my card: "it's okay. Not a problem. Thanks."

And I thought to myself-how often does that clerk get a positive response? how many people would have answered her the way I did? Not saying I'm a saint (far from it) I just really didn't care but my response must've sent a signal of my true character.

So today as we remember Dr King and watch the president get sworn into office- remember what it means to be inspired. It is not how much money we make or how many RTs we get. But the quality of our behaviors that lead to a cascade of positive actions on a daily basis.

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