Thursday, January 10, 2013

"That Was Easy"

There is an incredibly annoying Staples "Easy Button" in our shared supervisor's cube.

Day in and day out people have a quick chatter with you and press the button for fun. Usually it's to express sarcasm.

Well today was a day I should've pressed it.

While managing multiple manufacturing issues, the flu epidemic is hitting at its best (or worst for mankind I should say.)

Just as the day was about to end, what I like to call "quietly" a team member nearly collapsed from her flu symptoms in my office.

Trying to make out the words she was saying with her hacking away, I immediately told her "take care of your health first." She felt bad since she was off all last week- She'd have to use even more vacation... You get the picture.

But when she walked away, I immediately was able to assess the impact this would play on meeting my daily goals.

By understanding the elements of your organization or team's system, you're able to quickly and effectively make decisions.

I was standing at the 30,000 ft viewpoint of our organization and thus able to proactively make critical decisions to avoid barriers or issues in the morning.

Rather than reacting to the issues at 5:30AM tomorrow morning, all my ducks are in row. I walked out of the building just before 6pm this evening, thinking to myself -

"Well that, was indeed -Easy."

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